Book Review–When Grace Sings by Kim V. Sawyer

If you’ve been reading my blog long, you know I LOVE Kim Vogel Sawyer’s books. I think I have done more reviews of her books than any other author! In fact, I just checked and there are 18 reviews of her books on my blog so check it out with my search engine if you want to read more. And I had already read several of her books before I ever started my blog! She was one of the first authors I met at my first ACFW conference in Kansas City, MO in 2002, and we have been friends ever since!

This book was extra special. I loved the prequel to this one–When Mercy Rains which is the first book in the Zimmerman Restoration Trilogy. I bet you are happy like I am that it means there is at least one more book in this series!

Another reason it is special to  me is that some of the characters in this book tie into the character Beth Quinn McCauley in the Sommerfield trilogy, another of my favorite sets by Kim.

Now, for my review of When Grace Sings. Anna Grace Braun is the adopted daughter of a couple in Sommerfield who comes to Arborville Kansas with her fiance. She stays at the charming B and B named Grace Notes which is run by Alexa Zimmerman. They and many other have lots to learn about God’s grace and showing that grace to others.

This book is a love story on so many levels–family love, romantic love, and God’s love for us all. And there are several surprises for the reader as well as for the characters.

There is a tender salvation scene that brought tears to my eyes. God can save even the most unlikely characters–just like in real life!

Even though I received a review copy from the publisher, these comments are all my own. I hope they will encourage you to buy this book on kindle or paperback, and to check out any of Kim’s other books you haven’t read yet. Enjoy!

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World Blogger Award


Thanks to my friend MaryAnn Diorio at I have been nominated for another blog award–The Sisterhood of the World Blogger Award. This reminds me of that movie Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants!

My part is to answer the ten questions below then send 10 questions to ten other authors, so here are my answers to MaryAnn’s:

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Review–At Bluebonnet Lake

Book Review–At Bluebonnet Lake by Amanda Cabot.

Hi everyone, hope you had a great Christmas and a good start to your new year.  I’ve read 7 books so far in January, and this one was the best so far this year! I’ve read and liked several of Amanda Cabot’s historical novels, but this is her first contemporary fiction, and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

What’s not to enjoy–gorgeous descriptions of Texas scenery, well-drawn characters whom you’d love to have as friends, and a plot that culminates into something better than you could have dreamed!

The heroine Kate, and hero Greg, both have secrets in their past that don’t come out for quite a bit. Even after you can see them falling in love, you wonder if it will be enough to keep them together. And there is another romance in the story, too, like a bonus!

The book was lengthy, but after I got into it, I hated for it to end. I’m glad it is the first in a series called “Texas Crossroads.” I can’t wait for In Firefly Valley to be out this Spring so I can re-visit and catch up on some of my new friends!

This book was provided by the publisher for review purposes, but that fact did not influence my review–a truly delightful read!

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Interview with MaryAnn Diorio

MaryAnn DiorioThanks for visiting, MaryAnn. Please tell us about your favorite book as a child and your favorite book as an adult. Can you see a connection between those books

What an interesting question!  My favorite book as a child was actually a series of books about a set of twins called The Bobbsey Twins. I loved those books because I could relate to the main characters and their adventures.  I read every single one in the series and, to this day, still can recall the joy and excitement I felt reading them. Continue reading

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Christmas Book Winners

Three winners for my Christmas book! In Oct. and Nov. both I promised to send a Christmas book to one of my commenters, so even though I didn’t announce a giveaway for the month of Dec. ahead of time, I decided to giveaway another book. The three winners are:

October — Bev Flora
November — Dowdywriter
December — Delia Latham

Starting in January I will discontinue my regular monthly book drawing until I get more followers on my new website, but will still do giveaways from other authors who choose to do one, so hope you will continue to stop by and please sign up to be a follower.

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Spotlight on Hometown Melodies

I’m glad to welcome Amber Stockton today to spotlight her new Christmas book which happens to be the second book in A Smoky Mountain Christmas series. Let’s learn a little about her book and her.

Melodies-Cover_Front_72-dpiBlurb: Melody May Buchanan left Gatlinburg to pursue a life in the symphony. When a letter arrives asking her to return home for her granddaddy’s 80th birthday, she knows she must go. Leaving her fiancé in Denver while the symphony is on break, she pushes behind her the reasons she left and heads home. But the homecoming isn’t quite what she expected. She’s immediately faced with everything she loved while growing up there…even her best friend, Drew. Old feelings surface, and she starts to wonder if she made a mistake. When her fiancé arrives, her two worlds collide, and she discovers Drew has become quite a success in the music industry. Now, she has a choice to make. Either way, one man will get hurt. But, which option is the best? Continue reading

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