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“Icing” by Debra Sue Brice–A review of a delicious book!

IcingI loved “Icing” as I love reading new books and reading new-to-me Christian authors. Debra Sue Brice and I connected on Twitter by each of us sharing one of our own books with the other. A cyber-friendship made in heaven!

“Icing” is pure fiction, but includes many of Debra’s interests–such as baking and hockey– in a story that seems so real you will feel like you are going on the adventures with the characters. Denie who owns her own bakery, has a sister and two other best friends whom she loves to attend hockey games with, especially the Cleveland Monsters.

Whenever they go, Denie always wears the jersey of #29 because she has a crush on him. One night after a game, one of the other guys from the team asks the four girls to share their bowling lane with him and his friends. Imagine Denie’s surprise when #29 (Tom Billingsly) shows up as part of the group. Continue reading

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Hannah Conway Writes A Realistic view of a Military Marriage

The Wounded Warrior's WifeThe Wounded Warrior’s Wife is one of my fave books I have read this year, and I totally identified with the story as the author, Hannah Conway, was also a warrior’s wife, and so writes very realistically about a serviceman and his family and the trials they go through while defending our country. It brought back many memories of my marriage to my Air Force husband during another time when our country was at war overseas. When you marry someone in the service, your life is not your own, but God is still in control, and that is something Whitleigh and Collier Cromwell have to learn to trust in. We are all wounded in some ways, and God is the only One who can bring healing and wholeness if we ask Him and trust Him.
Whitleigh had to move to a state far away from her family and go to college while her husband was serving overseas. She also had to deal with his personality changes from being in a combat zone, and a pregnancy with him thousands of miles away. But, I think all readers will be pulling for this couple to make it past all the stuff the world throws at them, as long as they put God first, and love Him and each other with all their hearts.

Up in SmokeHannah Conway has also written a prequel to this book Wedding a Warrior which is free on kindle, so if you haven’t read it yet, I suggest you order it and learn more about Whit and Collier. Both of these books are published by Olivia Kimbrell Press.

And I just heard today that she has a new book to be released soon and here is the cover! I wonder what it is about!

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21st Kentucky Christian Writers conference Day 3–Farewell

It was hard to say our Farewell to all the new friends and familiar ones on our last day at the conference. After announcements and worship we began with another excellent class by Brandilyn Collins. This 2 hour class on Restraint and Control was super special to me as she chose my WIP and also one for Sara L. Foust to share her ideas at how to make the openings of our scenes better by leaving out the unnecessary words and reminded us that the”verb is the most important word in  your sentence.” Brandilyn is a master at this, so we both appreciated the advice very much. And the rest of the class said they wanted to read these stories so that made me and Sara very happy! Hopefully the books will be finished and will be out in a year or so. Continue reading

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KY Christian Writers Conference, part 2

We’re baaack!

After lunch on Friday June 23rd at the KY Christian Writers Conference, I took Cara Putman’s class on “Writing and Editing Tool Kit” which was very informative. Cara, a lawyer who also writes, said, “When you have the tools, then you can decide what to use,” and told us to ask many questions such as “Whose story is it?” and “What character has the most to lose?” She also told us to make sure each character has some flaws to make them real.

Next, we had another keynote by the hilarious Twila Belk who shared more of her wisdom with us.  1. Write for your reader, not just yourself.  and 2. Pray for your words to speak just what that person need to hear. The rest of the talk was about getting rid of the things that can keep us from publication like Fear and “stinking thinking” or playing the “comparison game.” She reminded us to keep our eyes focused on God  and believe what He says He will do because He has made us. “I praise You because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; Your works are wonderful.” (Psalm 139:14) Continue reading

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Kentucky Christian Writers Conference, part 1

The 21st annual Kentucky Christian Writers Conference, started by Kate Thomas, was held at the Grace Heartland Church in Elizabethtown, KY, June 22-24, 2017. Super worship led by Lydia Walker, stellar teaching by many (more on that later), and wonderful fellowship was had by all!

I traveled there with Kristy Horine who also picked up Brandilyn Collins on our way. Here’s a picture of us “Three Amigos.” After supper with some other conferees, we headed to the church to meet and greet! I enjoyed seeing many familiar faces as well as meeting some new friends. Brandilyn and I met back in 2002 at the first ACRW conference in Kansas City, MO. Kristy and I knew each other from the Licking River Writers Conference group in Cynthiana, KY for about ten years. Continue reading

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