Monthly winner and new book giveaway for April–Women’s Intuition by Lisa Samson

Congratulations to karenk for winning a copy of Nightingale by Susan May Warren. I know you will enjoy it!

And I bet a reader/commenter will also enjoy reading Women’s Intuition by Lisa Samson, another KY author. This is an autographed edition. Here’s the back cover blurb to give you an idea: “Lark Summerville’s life has few surprises–and that’s just how she likes it. All she wants is to live our her angst-riddled life in her blue-collar Baltimore neighborhood, punctuated by weekly trips to her local parish, where Lark is the organist, and telephone conversations with desperate souls who dial her hotline at 1-777-IPRAY4U…Then an unwelcome visitor appears, and Lark finds that she must face her own lies–and her past–before her new life can unfold.”

Want to win? Anyone with a US mailing addy can enter by leaving a comment by midnight on March 31st with some kid of contact info.

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  1. karenk says:

    i love lisa samson’s writing…thanks for the chance to read this novel.

    kmkuka at yahoo dot com

  2. Jackie says:

    I’m so excited, I stopped by earlier today and thought I commented about liking Lisa’s writing.

    A little while ago I check Chip Macgregor’s blog, and he mentioned Lisa! Wow. How exciting for her.

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