Spotlight on Theresa Franklin and one of the characters from her new book, Triumph Through Trial

This is a first for me–I’ve done many author interviews, but today we are interviewing one of the characters from Teresa Franklin’s new book, Triumph Through Trial. so join me as we learn more about Cynthia Owen and her family featured in the book.

Q. Hello Cynthia. Why don’t you introduce yourself to my readers?

A. Well, I’m Cynthia Owens, one of the main characters in Triumph Through Trial. I am the matriarch of the family.

Q. How many others are in the family?
A. My husband, Michael and I have three children.

Q. Are they young children?
A. No, they are all young adults.

Q. Does that cause conflict?
A. Does it ever. There is drama in their lives and they bring it home on a daily basis.

Q. What about your marriage? Is there drama there?
A. I thought we had a wonderful marriage, but Michael thought there was drama.

Q. You don’t agree?
A. No, I don’t.

Q. Can you tell us about the story?
A. Like many Christian families, the Owens family lives a different life in private that they show to the rest of the world. Theresa tells how the stress is affecting each family member.

Q. Is there a lot of sin in their lives? Does Theresa share that in the book?
A. Sin is sin and all is displeasing to God. Yes, Theresa does share that in the book. But if you are thinking this is a book about the seedy side of life, you are mistaken. This family is not secret mobsters or prostitutes. This family is just your average American family whose private life is not pleasing to God.

Q. What could they be doing that is so displeasing to God?
A. Anytime we don’t bring honor and glory to God, it is displeasing to Him.

Q. Is the whole family displeasing to God?
A. Actually there is one character that wreaks havoc on the family.

Q. Is there love in this family?
A. Like all families, we love each other in spite of ourselves.

Q. How does the story end?
A. Oh we can’t give away the ending. But Theresa will keep you guessing to the last chapter.

Q. At one point it looks like the family will split up. Does that happen?
A. God has many ways of teaching us what He wants from His children. Sometimes those lessons aren’t pleasant, but if we yield to God’s will, it will bring honor and glory to His name.

Q. I’m not sure that answers my question.
A. I’m sure it doesn’t, but Theresa will answer it in Triumph Through Trial.

Q. Where can we find the book?
A. It is available on and You can also get a link from any of Theresa’s blogs or websites.

Q. Can you give us those addresses?
A. Certainly. or or

For those of you who want to know a little more here is a Story Description from Theresa.

The stress of living a dream public persona and a nightmare private reality threatens to destroy a family unit, taking each member in its wake. Through a variety of physical and emotional weapons, one by one they will crumble.

Cynthia is beautiful, educated, secretary of the church, and happily married with wonderful children. She is an accomplished hostess and the picture of Christian love. She has the perfect marriage and life—well, not exactly perfect. Her husband, children, church members, and life in general seem to get in the way of her perfect life. Feeling robbed of the life she so richly deserves, Cynthia lashes out and her family pays the price.

Michael is successful, educated, and deacon of the church with wonderful children. Michael and his children have a close relationship. They count on him for advice, guidance, and unconditional love. Serving God is one of Michael’s greatest joys. He and his children delight in helping others. Michael loves every part of his life except for his marriage, which is stressful and unfulfilling to say the least.

Karen is the eldest child and bears the brunt of emotional destruction welded by her mother. Kevin is the only male offspring and uses humor and sarcasm as shields to protect himself. Kathy, the youngest, is sweet and seldom is a victim in the war, but lately watching the slow erosion of her family is taking a physical toll on her.

Michael longs for the marriage that Cynthia believes they have and dreams of providing a safe haven for their children. After twenty-five years of marriage, Michael is losing hope of his dream becoming reality. Can he match the public persona and the private reality? What will it cost to get that kind of marriage and home-life? Is it worth the cost? Who will pay the cost?

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  1. tomynate says:

    Great interview. Looking forward to reading the book.


    Tom Blubaugh, Author
    Night of the Cossack

  2. Rose,

    I enjoyed getting to know Cynthia a bit and can see how complicated life is for a couple serving God. Not unlike what we face – this book addresses difficulties in a relationship that many think must be “perfect”. Thanks for the great post!

  3. Very, very interesting interview. I just visited with ‘Michael’ over at Leigh’s blog, and the difference is astounding. Theresa does seem to keep us all on our toes! Thanks for the post!

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