March 1st bookdrawing…and the winner of Board to Death is…Peg Phifer! And read on for a review of the book you can win if you leave a comment during the month of March–Words Spoken True by Ann Gabhart.

Suspense with Lots of Sizzle!

Ann Gabhart said this book has more romance than most of her books, and I agree. And the romance sizzles from the moment Adriane Darcy meets Blake Garrett. But there are two problems–she is engaged to someone else and Blake runs a newspaper that rivals the one her dad (and Adriane) put out in Louisville, KY. Since this is the town where I was born and grew up the first eighteen years of my life, I enjoyed learning much about the early history during the newspaper wars and the political life of the mid-nineteenth century. But Ann weaves the facts into the story in such an interesting way that you’ll want to stay up past midnight to finish it like I did!

And for suspense lovers, the newspapers covers several murders of young women in the city that builds to a very nail-biting scene near the end. I guarantee if you love romance and suspense you will love this book! And isn’t the cover beautiful?!

I hope you will come back tomorrow to hear Ann’s own words about writing romance. And you can leave another comment on that post for an additional chance to win this must-read book on April 1st! Please leave an email so I can contact you if you win. All those with US mailing addresses are eligible.

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  1. Yes Ann, I am one of those that have been chasing this book around the net, lol, wish me luck please.


  2. Good luck, Wendy. One of the others who has been chasing my book won the Back Porch Reflections drawing, so maybe this time it will be your turn. I appreciate you coming by. I’m not sure how Rose is doing the book giveaway that I’m doing. She’s giving away a copy to one of her commenters through the whole month of March. You might need to leave a comment on my guest post to get in the drawing for the book I’m giving away on Monday. Is that how it’s working, Rose?

  3. Sharon says:

    Ann – Call me a chaser! The book sounds so good, just have to try and win it again!
    smoore at tcq dot net

  4. Betty says:

    How fun it would be to win this book. I have gotten back into reading again and would love to start collecting these recommendations that Rose provides for us.

  5. Betty, so glad to have you back among the readers. Rose is always featuring great books, so I’m sure her reviews won’t steer you wrong. Good luck in the drawings.

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