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It’s nice to be interviewing another former teacher. How did you get started writing, June?
I never had the desire to write fiction until November of 2009. After I retired from teaching, I noticed a “story” in my head. I could even see the characters and what they were doing. This was not the norm for me. So, I happened to tell my daughter about the story, and she suggested I write it. That was the spark I needed. I got a Toshiba laptop, a printer, and a Sprint air card. Now my husband and I travel full time in our RV. My blog is entitled The Roving Writer – Life in an RV.

I have a friend and her husband who also travel the US and CAN in their motor home. I bet like her you have some interesting travel stories! Why do you write?
I have to believe the Lord put writing fiction in my heart as I’d never been interested in writing fiction until 2009. My stories are about Christian characters who struggle with issues in their lives thinking there is no way out of their problems. I allow the power of God and His word to minister to my characters who find victory in their lives.

The writing road can also be a long journey. Describe your journey to publication.
I wrote two novels before I really pursued publication. Those two are still unpublished and I’m praying I will see them in print one day. I decided to write a trilogy of three short novels, The Bellewood Series. The novels are set in the Seattle area of Western Washington where I lived for 10 years. I submitted them to Desert Breeze Publishing Company and the editor decided she was interested in pursuing publication.

Please tell us about the first book in the series which is now available.
Give Us This Day is a story of a computer expert who is raised by a doting mother and controlling father. Before he gives his life to the Lord, he abuses alcohol. Now that he’s a Christian, he leaves that part of his past behind him but trades his addiction for another – food. He’s a 300 pound man with serious diabetic issues. Holly Harrison is a young woman with a past. She was riding on the back of her boyfriend’s motorcycle when he had an accident. She lost her leg under her left knee and her unborn baby when she went to the hospital. Now as a Christian woman, she can’t forgive herself for her past and thinks no Christian man would want her. Only God can heal these characters, opening the door for an unlikely romance between them.

Where can the reader find this book?
Give Us This Day is available for download at Desert Breeze Publishing Company, Amazon Kindle, and Barnes and Noble e-books.

And where can the reader find you on the web?
I have two blogs: and a blog I share with 4 other writers, I’m on Facebook and the author’s page of Desert Breeze.

Thanks for visiting me and my readers, June. Best wishes on your continued journeys.

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  1. June Foster says:

    Rose, From one teacher turned writer to another – thank you so much for having me on your blog.

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