Christmas Cheer, Day 18, a book review of Remembering Christmas by Dan Walsh

I have read and enjoyed all of Dan Walsh’s other books, so I wasn’t surprised to find that Remembering Christmas is now one of my all-time favorite Christmas books, which is saying something since I write and collect Christmas books! And since my husband and I just listened to a Nicholas Sparks book on a long trip, I was struck by how similar their writing is.
All of the characters seem so real, flaws and all. The main male lead, Rick Denton, is the most unlikeable at the beginning, which makes his later transformation seem like the miracle all true transformations are. His mom and step-dad are very giving, people-loving individuals, well-loved by all who know them. His step-dad’s aneurysm compels Rick to show up to help out in the imaginary town of Seabreeze, Florida.

Rick notices Andrea, a good-looking brunette, as soon as he walks in his parents’ bookstore, but they are miles apart in many ways, plus she has a young daughter. The daughter and Andrea soon win Rick’s attention, then his heart. But could it ever work?

I don’t want to tell too many details, but there is romance, drama, and a big surprise near the end that I didn’t see coming, but which helped tie many of the pieces together. I know this book will become a Christmas classic, so be sure to add it to your shelf and/or buy a copy for someone on your list who loves to read Christmas stories. You/they won’t be disappointed!

I highly recommend this book to all Nicholas Sparks fans! And for those who haven’t read Dan Walsh’s books before, I suggest you buy all 4 because after you read one, you will want to read the others!

I did receive this book from the publisher (Revell) for review purposes, but this review is entirely my own opinion, not based on the gift.

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  1. Jackie S. says:

    I love Dan’s books; have read them all but this one and am having a hard time finding it locally! I’ll keep looking!

  2. Dan Walsh says:


    Most Books-a-Million stores have it, and Lifeway stores. Some B&N’s. The problem is, we’re so closed to Christmas, and if stores have sold out of the initial qty they bought, they’re reluctant to order more (thinking they’ll have to return after New Years).

    It is on sale now online at for $8.99, plus shipping. Which will still put it well under the retail store price.

    Hope you find one!

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