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I’d like to welcome K. Dawn to my blog and ask her to answer a few questions so we can all get to know her better. Tell us about your favorite book as a child and your favorite book as an adult. Can you see a connection between those books?

That’s a hard question. I can’t give you just one book. As a child, I absolutely loved the Nancy Drew Mystery series books and read every one at the school library. Twice. As an adult, I still love a good mystery, which has led to me signing a contract with Desert Breeze Publishing for a three book mystery series for next year, the first of which will debut in January. The Zoe Mack Mystery Series is a college-age series that’s heavy on the romance.

I loved Nancy Drew, too! What is your favorite Scripture? Do you also have a favorite Scripture that encourages you in your writing?
For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future. Jeremiah 20:11

That’s also one of my favorite verses. If you could go to any place in the world to research/write a book, what setting would you choose?
To write, I love Myrtle Beach. I sit on a balcony overlooking the ocean and write as the waves kiss the shore. It’s a perfect setting because Myrtle Beach is famous for golf and there’s something for hubby to do while I write.
To research? I’d love to visit New York City. I have a plot rolling around in my head for a WWII romance set there.

Great choices! I often wonder if I would write if I had to do it the old-fashioned way without computers and spell-checks and email. Is there anything about technology that you don’t like? Or anything about it that you feel enhances your writing?
My favorite item is my netbook. I have problems with my hands due to a neck injury from a car wreck many years ago. My hands don’t hurt if I use the netbook.

Glad you found a way to write without pain. As a writer how have you had to grow and stretch out of your comfort zone?
I’m very much an introvert. I enjoy people, but I don’t open up until I know someone quite well. I don’t like large crowds at all. Since I’ve become published, I’ve attended a couple of writers’ conferences. I’d never flown before until I took the leap of faith and went to ACFW last year.

I agree, the ACFW conferences can’t be beat! What advice would you give to a beginning writer that you wish someone had given you?
Write for fun! If you’re writing for fame or money, that may never come. Write because you enjoy it. I write for the simple joy of placing words on the page.

Great advice! Do you want to add anything about your book such as how to order it?

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