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I welcome my long-time friend Janet Lee Barton today. She writes a very heart-felt tribute to the Heartsong Presents line which gave her and many other fine authors their first chance at publication. And she also shares with us some info about her last series of books for HP.

A Sad Farewell by Janet Lee Barton

It’s a sad thing to see the Barbour Heartsong Presents line come to a close. Along with so many others, I got my start in writing for the line and I feel so blessed to have been able to write for HP. In all I have written 16 novels for the HP line, and this last series is one of my favorites.
I call it my Oklahoma Sooner series because it begins with the land run to Guthrie in 1889, and tells three different love stories taking place in one family during those first 20 years. It only took one visit to Guthrie, which is about 15 minutes away from where I live, to ignite my imagination. I love the historical town that became the capitol of the Territory and played such a huge part in Oklahoma becoming a state.

And I loved telling the story of Faith and Gabe in I’d Sooner Have Love, first book in the series. Both had reasons to keep from falling in love, but they found that God had plans of His own for them. I just recieved my copies of Sooner Sunrise, second book in the series. It tells the story of Samantha and Ben, a widower who longs for someone to share his sunrises at the farm with, and a woman alone and on the run, afraid to trust her heart to any man. The Lord has plans for them, too. Their stories are set amid a growing Guthrie in Oklahoma Territory.
The series comes to a close with the last book, Sooner Sunset, coming out in December. Saying goodbye to a series I loved writing and a line I loved to write for, hasn’t been easy. But I know God has a plan and I’m looking forward to whatever it is He has in store.
Janet Lee Barton
Finding a Forever Kind of Love
I’d Sooner Have Love-May 2011

Sooner Sunrise- September 2011
Sooner Sunset- December 2011

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  1. Janet,

    I love your covers. They’re beautiful.

    Yes, it’s sad to see the HP line close. It was a starting pointing for many authors and brought wholesome entertainment to many readers.

    Hey, Rose!

  2. Janet, I love your books. And I love Guthrie, Oklahoma, too!

    It’s so sad to see Heartsong’s wonderful, faithfilled books come to an end. I’m praying that authors like you–along with your beautiful stories–will find a wonderful new home.

  3. Diane Ashley says:

    Hi Janet, It does feel like the end of an era, doesn’t it. Like you, I’m certain God has a fantastic plan in mind–something that will bring even more glory on His name.

    I’m looking forward to seeing you in St. Louis…Less than three weeks to go!

  4. Hey Janet!
    I love your books, so I know this series is great, too! And I know you will find another publishing home as you are that good! Thanks for the tribute to the line. I am so thankful to HP for giving me an editing and writing re-start. I am praying that God sends something knew to fill in the gap for so many new writers.

  5. Beautiful tribute, Janet.

    And the book series sounds terrific. Having been to Guthrie several times, it’s easy for me to see how the town could inspire you!

  6. Pam Hillman says:

    These books sound wonderful, Janet. Love the descriptions, the covers and the clever titles!

    So many thanks for HP for all the wonderful books they put out over the years.

    I <3 HP!

  7. Janet, great covers. It is sad to hear about Heartsong Present. I always hate to hear when a line dies. That has happened to me twice in my career.

  8. Mary Hawkins says:

    I too am one of the many authors who had my first inspirational romance novel and several others released by Barbour through their Heartsong Presents book club. We owe Barbour a huge “Thank You” at a time when the Zondervan romance lines had ceased and there was no other outlet for these kind of books we wanted to write – and readers wanted too! Once again times have changed but perhaps somewhere, somehow, another publisher will bless future authors like myself once again!
    Thank you Rose and Janet for this lovely post.

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