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Join me today in welcoming another member of our John316 Blog Tour. We’ll start with a bio: Bernard has been a reader since at the age of five when his cousin Yvette placed a book in his hand and introduced him to the wonderful world of books. Throughout his life he has read fiction and nonfiction books that have gripped his imagination and made him believe in greater things.
Bernard’s reading sparked a desire in him to one day produce his own story. As he got older the spark became a vision and the vision is about to be manifested through his first novel.
As a student at the Cuyahoga Community College Bernard was mentored by Dr. George
Eppley who encouraged his gift and ability in writing. Dr. Eppley encouraged Bernard to
pursue his writing for publication. As a member of the New Sardis Church in Cleveland
Ohio Bernard used his gifts in writing as a staff member of the church’s newsletter.
Bernard continues to be thankful for Pastor Larry Tatum and Lady Iris B. Tatum for the
opportunity to write and move in his purpose of writing.
Bernard attended the Cleveland Ohio Public School System graduating from East High
in June 1985. He attended Cuyahoga Community College, Warren Bible Institute,
Moody Bible Institute and he graduated from Christian Life School of Theology where
he received an Associate degree in Theology.
Bernard gave his life to Jesus at the age of eight and entered the preaching ministry at
the age of seventeen. He is a widely traveled preacher with a relevant word and he has
ministered in the Word throughout the United States and Haiti. He has pastored
churches in the states of West Virginia, Texas and Virginia. He is in his ninth year as the
pastor of the New Mine Creek Church in south Virginia.
Bernard is married to his wife of nineteen years Vantoria and they are the parents of their son Bernard Quincy.
Bernard’s hobbies include reading, traveling and supporting his hometown team the
Cleveland Cavaliers.
Visit Bernard online at

Next we’ll do a Q and A:
What was your favorite book as a child and what is your fave book as an adult? Do you see any connection between the two?
1. My favorite book from childhood was Roots by Alex Haley. I’ve not had a favorite book as an adult but my favorite genre has been Christian Fiction.

What is your favorite life Scripture and the most encouraging Scripture for you as a writer?
2. My favorite scripture is Jeremiah 29:11. As I was writing my first novel the scripture that encouraged me not to give up was Romans 8:28.

Do you have a special place you would like to travel for research for a book?
3. I would love to visit the Holy Land during the first century when the church was growing up.

How has technology enhanced or hindered your writing?
4. I love technology. I started writing on a typewriter. Writing on a keypad is much better. There’s nothing about technology that slows down my writing. Marketing my book slows me down.

How has becoming a writer stretched you?
5. Writing has caused me to stretch. For years I was comfortable being a pastor and preacher. Pursuing my childhood dream of being a published author has stretched me comfortably.

Any advice for other aspiring writers that you wish you had known at the beginning of your journey?
6. I’m quite satisfied with my journey as a writer. The one thing that I would tell an aspiring writer is don’t wait to pursue writing but start writing now. Don’t let life impede the gift that’s in you.

Any last minute things you’d like us to know about you or your book?
7. My book can be ordered at my website and it’s available at Amazon and Barnes and Nobles, Smashword.

I also have an excerpt from my book on my website:

And now, here’s a blurb about his book.
Do You Wanna Be Made Whole?
ISBN 13: 978-0-9843213-0-8
ISBN 10: 0-9843213-0-6
Pastor James Maxwell knows the pain of making poor choices that damage families. He has dedicated his
life to helping men avoid the mistakes that he has made in his life. Now he walks through the valley with
three of his spiritual sons as they try to find their way to wholeness.
Will Pastor Maxwell be able to help Theo find forgiveness for the one who betrayed him?
Will Pastor Maxwell be able to help Michael who suffered a great tragedy in his life?
Will Pastor Maxwell be able to help Adam face his past and discover a new future?

Read an Excerpt at


Purchase a copy of the book at 

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  1. Lorilyn says:

    Very nice interview, Bernard. How wonderful you were saved at such a young age. I am impressed that you attended Moody Bible Institute. Good, solid theology there.

  2. Inspiration and encouragement is so important, and I’m so very glad you had someone to take you under their wing, Bernard. Keep the faith! Great interview, Rose!

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