Monday Musings–the creativity of a 9 year old!

I shared a couple of my granddaughter’s stories last year, written when she was only seven or eight. This year she entered two stories in a local writing contest for children 9-14 years old. She spoke them to me and I typed them as she rattled them off. She had two stories in the top ten in spite of being the youngest in that category!

Last week she and her sister spent the night and we watched a movie called Nim’s Island about a young girl whose father is lost at sea. Nim enlists the help of an author of adventure books to rescue him. The author arrives, but she is afraid of most things and has writer’s block. I asked Danielle if she ever got writer’s block. When I explained it meant that you couldn’t think of what to write next, she said, “No, I just say it as I think it!” My writer friends and I all wish we had her creativity and confidence!

So, for today and next Monday I will share the creativity of a nine year old with no writer’s block! Hope it inspires you as it does me!

Love That Dog, Pokey by Danielle K.

Back in the nineteen thirties, some people did not love dogs. And dogs did not love books. But there was one special girl and her dog that actually made history. Here is how the story goes.

Once there was a girl named Bella. She had a dog named Pokey which was named after the Hokey-Pokey. She loved him as much as her heart. But, she loved him so much that she read books to him ever since he was born. She would grab a blanket, two pillows and a couple books and read them to Pokey.

She loved books that she got from her favorite librarian in the world named Mrs. Carolyn. Bella never wanted to go to school because she wanted to read books to Pokey. That was her most favorite thing to do.

Also back in the nineteen thirties, there were so many dog catchers around that Bella had to keep Pokey safe, so she would hide him in her bedroom and close the windows and hide with him.

Many days later, Bella and Pokey went to a dog store to buy lots of dog chew toys and dogfood. The storekeeper said, “If you are going to bring in dogs, I cannot allow you, so either get the dog out or both of you get out.” So, Bella left.

Bella never stopped checking out books from the library, but she could not bring Pokey in because dogs were not allowed. So, she always would go to the back of the library and go into the basement which had many good books and hide Pokey in the bathroom so no one would see him. And she would go upstairs to check out Pokey’s favorite books.

After they came home from the library, they both went upstairs to read another book. Bella was so happy that she would not even sell her dog for one million dollars even though she was so poor.

That night she read forty books and did not stop—every word in those books. But in the morning, there was one book left on her table. It was called Love that Dog.

She didn’t grab it because she was so tired.

Her sister Molly said, “It’s Saturday morning. You’ve got to read something.”

So Bella grabbed that book and read all the chapters in two hours. But Pokey was laying on her bed and not listening because he was not feeling good. He did not wag his tail.

So she grabbed her phone and called the vet. The vet said that the dog may not be a him, it may be a her.

The vet came over to check Pokey out. He said, “Pokey is going to have puppies.”

“Pokey is a her,” said Bella.

Two hours passed. When the puppies arrived, Bella was so excited that she had grandchildren!

When she looked at the book Love that Dog, she grabbed it and started reading it to Pokey’s puppies.

Many years passed. When Bella was twenty years old, she looked at the same book and said to herself, “If you love that dog, you love the dog’s pups.”

And that is the story of Bella and her beloved dog, Pokey.


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