Monday’s Musings–A Late Mother’s Day

My husband and I went to Florida last week for our 43rd anniversary so we were gone on Mother’s Day. Although all three of our kids called me that day, I am just now receiving my gifts. Our oldest daughter told me she plans to take me and her daughters to get pedicures together. Our youngest daughter bought me several flats of red, white and blue flowers today to beautify our yard. But, it was rainy and too wet to plant today, so my husband thinks they will be OK if we set them out in the yard to keep them moist. Hope so. I will try to take a picture later when it is all done. and I wonder what our son will get me? He did come to the airport to pick us up when we returned, so perhaps that is his gift.

In closing I want to share a free verse poem I wrote a few years ago about Mother’s Day:
Mother’s Day

Maternal instinct
     Mother’s touch
          Mother’s embrace
Mother’s prayers
     Mother’s smile
          Mother’s love

How was your Mother’s Day? Anyone have some more thoughts to share?

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