Monday Musings–Rise up and Dance Your Shoes Off!

As a little after-Easter boost, I’d like to invite you to go to YouTube and type in “Dance your shoes off.” There you will find a worship dance 2000 members of SBC of Houston put on to the song “Rise Up.” It has gotten over half a million views so far. I heard the pastor interviewed on Fox News on Easter morning, and he said the reason it’s called “Dance Your Shoes Off” is that each dancer wore new tennis shoes then stepped out of them at the end so the final shot is of a field of tennis shoes. These were all to be donated to mission groups.

The music makes you want to get up and dance with the crowd. I hope more churches will participate in similar events next Easter. There are several other videos in a similar vein. Another one I liked was the “Resurrection Sunday Dance, Budapest, Hungary” with over a million views. What a way to spend Easter Sunday–looking forward to the day we will rise up to meet our Lord in the air.

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