Monday Musings on why I am late with my book drawings! The winners are…Heather Sunseri for Angel Sister and Donna Winters for the copy of Long Time Coming

Please send me your snail mail addys, ladies so we can get your books out to you ASAP. I usually post the winners on the first of each month, but am three days late this time. I did schedule a blog to post on April 1st before I left for a trip, but I couldn’t choose the winners until I returned home as I didn’t want to draw numbers until the end of the month as per the guidelines. Now for the reason for my late posting.

Once a year I try to take a retreat at the Abbey of Gethsemani guest house in Trappist, KY. It is a two hour drive each way, but a world apart from my normal everyday life. As several signs around the buildings and grounds read “Silence is spoken here.” Although you are allowed to speak in the lobby, on the grounds, and in one of the dining halls, all the rest of the places you are asked to remain silent to not disturb the other retreatants.

A friend accompanied me, so besides our times of silence and reflection, we enjoyed eating several meals in the “speaking” dining room and taking walks on the grounds each day and talking. She is a writer, too, so we even did a little brainstorming in the car and on our walks! But most of my waking hours were spent in reading my Bible and other devotional type books and in prayer. And writing pages and pages in my prayer journal about many of the things the Lord was teaching me there. I also took a prayer journal from two years ago and re-read some of the chronicles of my spiritual journey. Time well spent! This picture of my friend and me in front of one of my favorite signs says it all–God alone! Our lives should be lived for God alone, and much of my time last week was spent with God alone!

Please check back later this week for the book review for this month’s contest.
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