Book Review of The Deepest Waters by Dan Walsh The Deepest Waters is a very moving book of historical fiction based on a real event–the sinking of a steamship in the Atlantic Ocean. Dan Walsh describes it this way in the Author’s Notes: ” ‘Inspired by a true story’…means a true story inspired the work of fiction, but the book likely contains more fiction than fact.” He then gives us readers a list of events in the book that really happened and tells how some could have happened the way he wrote it. The book takes us from a dreamy courtship and marriage in San Francisco to a nightmarish call to abandon ship leading to the separation of most of the men from the women and children. The author is very adept at telling us the story from various points of view, giving each scene an intimate feel like you are privy to that character’s thoughts and feelings in person. We ride their roller coaster journey of heights of happiness to lows of fear and despair. The book also chronicles the spiritual journey of several characters learning to trust and lean on God even when they can’t feel Him. Dan Walsh, a former pastor, handles this very realistically, too. I highly recommend this book, and if you haven’t read his first two novels, The Unfinished Gift and The Homecoming, then I recommend you also purchase copies of them. Those first two novels are a series, so I suggest you read them in order, but The Deepest Waters is a stand-alone book, so hurry to your brick or online bookstore and purchase it and the other two. You’ll be glad to make the acquaintance of this author and his very true-to-life characters. After reading them, you’ll be like me waiting for his newest book scheduled to be out this fall!
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  1. I enjoy historical novels because of the glance into the past. The Deepest Waters sounds like one I would love to read. Thanks for reviewing it.

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