Book Review–Angel Sister by Ann Gabhart

I have read several of Ann Gabhart’s novels, and I must say this is my favorite so far! As Lauraine Snelling opines on the back cover, this is “a jewel of a story.”

From the opening scene, we are swept away to the dark and not-so-dark days of the depression shown in the daily lives of three sisters by blood and one sister of the heart. This book is written in several points of view, including the parents’, but the main one is Kate Merritt, the middle daughter. Kate’s quick actions and tart tongue sometimes get her into trouble, but she has a heart as soft as the freshly creamed butter her mother churns and a mind as sharp as a nail fashioned by her father on his blacksmith’s anvil.

I don’t want to reveal much detail of the story because I want you to get the enjoyment of reading it for yourself, but I will advise you to hold onto your bonnet as the story ramps up to an electrifying ending. A must read! 5 stars! And I am not just saying that because the author and publisher sent me this book to review!
And do check out Ann’s blog at for more of the backstory behind this book and a chance to win autographed copies of Angel Sister and also some gift cards to buy other books.
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  1. Rose, I really appreciate you reading my book, Angel Sister, and sharing your thoughts. I’m thrilled that you liked the story. I know how many books you read and review, so your opinion is definitely one I value. I’m looking forward to guesting on your blog in March. So glad you enjoyed my Merritt family’s story.

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