Monday Musings–February acrostic

Since my last Monday’s musing with a January acrostic got so many great responses, I’ve decided to share a February acrostic, and give another prize–a box of Valentine candy. The winner will be drawn from all those who leave an acrostic on this week and next week’s post, so fire up those keyboards and share with us! Here’s a sample to get you inspired, but i am sure you can do much better. Yours can be either with the letters to spell February or Valentines.

Valentine’s Day will soon be here, so
All who have spouses or loved ones, lend an ear.
Love can’t be bought or sold or
Nor can it be faked or
Taken for granted.
It can only be given and shared
Not raved or ranted.
Everyone wants to be enchanted
by LOVE!
Hear! Hear!

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Rose, I lay awake last night thinking up an acrostic for February.

    Feathered friends in Florida
    Escaping colder climes
    Basking in our winter sun,
    Rollicking in the pines
    Until the changing winds
    Announce the season to
    Return to being
    Yankee Doodles for awhile.

  2. The acrostic above was sent to me by my 7th grade English teacher. She and her husband live in Florida much of the year now, but do come back to KY some, so the poem is very apropos for them! Let’s see what the rest of you can do!

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