Book Review–Making Waves by Lorna Seilstad

I just finished this delightful book a few days ago. Although I do not know Ms. Seilstad personally, she is a member of ACFW, a writing organization I am a member of, and this book was sent to me from her and her publisher, Revell, for review purposes.

Her biography says she is a history buff and a former high school English teacher, and you can tell both of those soon after you start reading Making Waves. The engaging story is well-grounded in the setting and history of Lake Manawa, Iowa. Although I had never heard of the place before, I now feel like I have visited there long ago in the 1890s. And it certainly sounds like a fun place to visit!

Plus, the author is a great writer, taking things that already look bad, to worse, and then the worst! Here is a blurb from the back cover to whet your whistle!

“When spunky Marguerite Westing discovers that her family will spend the summer of 1895 at Lake Manawa, Iowa, she couldn’t be more thrilled. It’s the perfect way to escape her agonizingly boring suitor, Roger Gordon. It’s also where she stumbles upon two new loves: sailing and sailing instructor Trip Andrews.

But this summer of fun turns to turmoil as her father’s secrets threaten to ruin the family forever. Will free-spirited Marguerite marry Roger to save her father’s name and fortune? Or will she follow her heart–even if it means hurting the family she loves?

Full of sharp wit and blossoming romance, Making Waves will whisk you away to a breezy lakeside summer holiday.”

Ready to read this delightful story? You’ll be glad you did.

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  1. Hey Rose! I read this book, too and I really enjoyed it! The setting was unique and I learned a bit of history about a new town. I would definitely recommend it to those who want a good historical story.

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