Monday Musings–Snow is a Dichotomy

Since this has been the snowiest December on record in Kentucky (and many other places), I’ve had snow on the brain (and my coat and face, etc.), so want to share some of my conflicting observations.

Snow can be…

pretty and white…or…dirty and gray

soft and fluffy…or…hard and packed

snow day activities…or…plans gone awry

snow day fun…or…an icy nightmare

silently descending…or…blustery and blowing

part of God’s creation we should enjoy while we have the chance!

And just this morning, I was thinking of many songs that mention snow–most of them the good side, like “I’m Dreaming of a White Christmas,” but there are some that tell us the other view like “the weather outside is frightful!”

Please share any thoughts you have on snow–what you like and don’t like! And your favorite songs that mention snow. Happy snow day for most of us!

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  1. Sandy Ardoin says:

    I grew up in northwest Indiana. We had a small hill beside our house that made for fun sledding. One time, we had a blizzard and a drift came to the second floor. Then, I moved to Texas and it was all ice. Now, I’m in North Carolina where we had a little over five inches. I love it!

  2. K says:

    We didn’t have a sled when I was growing up, so we took a cardboard box, cut it open flat and went down the hill in it. Served the same purpose. I love the thoughts of snow. Each snowflake is different, just like all of us are different. As the snow, we are made with the same stuff, just shaped differently. I’m a Frosty the Snowman girl myself.

  3. Caroline says:

    Snow reminds me of:

    Snow angels, snow ball fights with snow forts for protection, snowmen with big orange noses & beady coal eyes, sleigh rides & sledding down gigantic hills, the skiing my Son #2 loves, big lazy flakes and hard, peppery ones, ice skating on ponds that have to be cleared first, shoveling snow off driveways and walks, animal tracks in the snow, igloos & huskies.

    One time years ago, we had snow & wind that blew the snow into huge wheels. I have pics of it. Odd.


  4. When I lived in Lower Michigan I didn’t care much for snow except to have a White Christmas. Now I’m in Upper Michigan. We actually get fewer inches per year here in the “banana belt” than in our previous location near Grand Rapids, but up here I have learned to cross-country and downhill ski. Now I look forward to good snow for skiing. And since we’re retired, we don’t mind getting snowed in on weekdays. The beauty of the snow in the woods gives us a whole new outlook on it as part of God’s creation. We love to gaze out our picture window and watch it fall on the trees that surround our yard.

    Donna Winters

  5. Lisa Lickel says:

    Calling in from Wisconsin – are you sure you want to know how I feel about snow? My oldest son decided to get married December 1 and set the wedding up north. In Wisconsin. Yep, you guessed it. Blizzard! 10 inches that evening and overnight. It was so beautiful, though. The photographer took some pictures outside and they were so lovely.

  6. Anonymous says:

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  7. Snow brings mostly good memories for me. As we dig out of the latest Northeast blizzard (I live in New Jersey), I am reminded of snow days in college. I went to college near Valley Forge. When it snowed, a large group of us would toboggan on Anthony Wayne hill. What fun! Afterwards, we’d all go out for hot chocolate. My favorite song about snow is “Let it Snow! Let It Snow! Let It Snow!” I also love “White Christmas”.

  8. Teryl says:

    I’m trying again,as my last effort was swallowed by the cyber gremlins. For the most part I like snow. It has such fond memories attached to it. There was nothing more exciting than to hear “due to snow, there will be no school today” over the radio or TV. One of my favorite memories is from a huge snow in the early 60’s. Mr. Bill Jennings had a one horse open sleigh. He would come to Connersville,KY and take us kids for rides around the countryside. We were about the only thing on the road, except for the occasional tractor. He even came by one night, complete with lanterns and sleigh bells. Totally cool!

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