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Hi, I am piggybacking on an idea I got from Carole Brown’s blog She is posting a list every Monday called “Monday Morning Gratitudes.” I really liked the thought and asked if I could do something similar. She replied that she knew several people who do it and invited me to join in. So, I hope you will check out her blog, and I hope you will check back in here on Mondays each week to help keep me accountable. My goal is two-fold: to make me more likely to post at least once a week and to give us a chance to share our musings with each other on a wide range of topics, so I hope you will add yours in a comment. And if you want to be entered in the monthly book drawing, leave your email addy in the comments.

Since we are in the midst of Hanukkah (Dec. 1-9 this year) I decided to do my first musing on that Jewish celebration.

Hanukkah is:

the 25th day of Kislev in the Jewish calendar…the Festival of Lights…the Feast of Dedication…Jesus participated in it(John 10: 22-24)…nightly lighting of the Menorah…foods like latkes…giving of gifts…playing games like spinning the dreidel…a time of celebration…

I hope this short musing helped you know a little more about Hanukkah. Can you see the similarities to our Christmas celebrations? What can you add to these musings about Hanukkah?

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  1. Caroline says:

    I love your post! It’s beautiful & reminds us of Jesus’ birth heritage. Thanks, Rose.

    I love the Wisemen King & their giving of gifts to Jesus. And shouldn’t we do the same, w/no tho’t of what we’ll get in return, but from a loving, givng heart. How wonderful Christmas would be if we all could keep it simple, giving & lots of love during our ceebration!

    Thanks, Rose!

    Folks, join in. Gratitude Monday is a wonderful time to express our thanks.
    Carole Brown
    ACFWOhio coordinator

  2. Anonymous says:

    Always learning more about Jesus’s religion and upbringing, can help us to understand and appreciate our own even more. Hannukah is a beautiful ancient celebration that holds tightly to its true history and meaning.Thanks for reminding us, Rose. Deanna

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