Alaskan Trip, Day 5 Wasilla–home of Sarah Palin and start of the Iditarod Trail

Now to continue our bear story…When we arrived at the lodge for breakfast the next morning, this sign was posted on the front door, so we had to tell our story of seeing the bears the evening before and take this picture as proof! Then we loaded up the bus again and toured Talkeetna on our way to Wasilla.

Outside Wasilla we went to do the Ididaride (no, that is not a typo!) The Ididaride is run by the Mitch Seavey family. Mitch has finished the Iditarod 16 times and won 4 times! His son gave our tour and told how the family used to fish, but when that source of income dried up, they came up with the idea of training their dogs during the summer months by using them to take tourists on rides pulled by teams of huskies! Quite a good idea. I said I wish someone could come up with something that good for tobacco farmers to do to replace lost income!

Our hotel in Wasilla was located on Lake Lucille only a few hundred feet from Sarah Palin’s house so we walked there and took a picture of the now famous double-decker fence! Another activity-filled day.
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  1. Wow, sounds like you had a great time. That’s way kewl what the guy did with the sled dogs, giving tourists a ride. It sounds like so much fun. So, did you have much daylight, or is the lack of it only in the winter time?

    Can’t wait to see the Hawaii pics. I’m so jealous…but happy for you.

    Debra Ullrick

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