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As a fan of Mary DeMuth’s writing, I am happy to be part of her social media tour this week.

This book is the third in the Defiance Texas Trilogy, and although I would recommend reading all of them in order, you can also understand and enjoy this book from what is revealed in the character’s thoughts and dialogue.

Mary’s writing is always exceptional, very lyrical and literary feeling. She is a true wordsmith. This book is written from the main viewpoint of Ouisie Pepper, mother of two and wife of the local pastor. Although Mary is a pastor’s wife herself, she states at the end of the book that Hap Pepper is nothing like her loving husband.

As an ACA (adult child of an alcoholic) parts of this book were hard for me to read. I felt so sorry for the children and Ouisie, and sometimes found myself angry at Ouisie for not taking better care of them. But, we also know she dearly loves her children, just doesn’t know how to save them and herself. We do see her grow in strength and determination and looking to God for help by the end of the book

If you like suspense, you will be caught up in the mystery of who killed Daisy Chance in the first book and is still roaming the woods in this one. When the killer was revealed, it was unexpected, very well-done, Mary!

I hope you will check out Mary’s website at and her blog at and find out more about this enchanting author and her other books.

I did receive a copy of this book from the publisher for review purposes.

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    i’m looking forward to reading book three in this series :)

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