Book Review–Abbie Ann by Sharlene MacLaren

Abbie Ann is the third book in the Daughters of Jacob Kane series published by Whitaker House. All of the Kane sisters have been spunky, independent women, but Abbie Ann is known as the spunkiest of them all. She’s the head of the local WTCU (Women’s Christian Temperance Union) promoting women’s suffrage and Prohibition. Even threats and attempts to harm her do not sway her from acting on her beliefs.

Abbie Ann is also a Sunday School teacher of little boys and finds herself drawn to the father of one of her students in spite of herself. Through it all, she seeks God’s will in this and all matters.

The book is set in Michigan in 1907, and reading it gave me a great feel for what it was like to live at the beginning of the last century when automobiles and telephones were just coming into general usage. Mrs. MacLaren does a great job describing the town, fashions, and the general store, owned by her father, where Abbie works.

If you have read the first two books in this series, you will catch up on what is happening in the lives of the other two sisters, but this is still an enjoyable story that the reader will have no trouble following even if you haven’t read the first two books. So, hurry over to the author’s site at and see a complete list of her books and order one or more while you are there! Happy reading!

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