Book Review–Maggie Rose by Sharlene MacLaren

Warning: Do not start this book unless you want to stay up reading past midnight for two nights like I did!

This book, Maggie Rose, is the second in The Daughters of Jacob Kane series by Sharlene MacLaren. Although I had not read the first book, there are enough bits and pieces of the family history in this book to let you enjoy it without reading the other one first. And, book three, Abbie Ann, about the third daughter of Jacob Kane is slated to be published next Spring, 2010. I look forward to reading it and losing some more sleep!

Maggie Rose is called by God to leave her hometown to travel to New York City to help at the Sheltering Arms Refuge, a short-term home to keep orphans who will be transported across the country for adoption. There she meets a newspaper reporter, Luke Madison, who is assigned the job of writing a story about the home and the orphan trains. Luke has experienced heartache that has shaken his already-weak faith.

Luke and Maggie Rose are attracted to each other, but she will not allow herself to fall for someone who doesn’t love the Lord like she does. They accomplish a daring rescue together and are also the targets of some shady characters. Read this book and find out how God keeps them all in His sheltering arms.

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  1. Always looking for more reasons to stay up late reading :). Congrats on the Scribbler.


  2. Karen Lange says:

    Hi Rose,

    Thanks for the review; will have to check the book out!

    Karen :)

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