Have you heard about the ice storm in KY last week?

That’s the reason my posting of the contest winner is so late this month. We were without electricity for 7 days. Then it stayed on for one day and went out again the next. Ever since it came back on the second time I have been experiencing computer woes. I had the son of friends here today and he got my internet explorer to work without error messages so far, but he still can’t get my outlook express to open with all my emails.

Our winner of Longings of the Heart is Ginger. I have contacted her and will send the book as soon as I receive her home addy. This would be a good time to mention the contest rules for my monthly book drawing. You must leave an email or way for me to contact you for your addy if you are the winner. Also you must have a US address, and the same person cannot win two months in a row. Check back next week to find out more about this month’s book–Out of Her hands by Megan DiMaria. Every time you leave a message each month, you will get an entry into the contest, so let me hear from you!

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  1. No electricity all that time? That’s miserable! Hope you’re okay now.

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