Nashville, Indiana– His Book Shop and The Cornerstone Inn

I didn’t post last weekend after a three day trip to Nashville, Indiana with a longtime friend. I had never been before, but my friend Jane goes every year. And now I can see why she enjoys it so much!

We stayed at a lovely Christian B&B named The Cornerstone Inn. (see picture above of me and jane in the swing in front of the Inn.) The rooms are decorated mostly Victorian style, and each room has an open Bible. There are also Bible verses on lovely pictures throughout the building. They already have expanded to another building where they have a floor of suites called The Upper Room! And they are in the process of building cottages next door to the original Inn. Even if the rooms weren’t so nice, I would stay there again just for the delicious food! They have a wonderful buffet breakfast each morning with at least two hot dishes and a table full of baked goods. Then each afternoon and again in the evening they put out several more snacks and sweet treats. Plus tea and coffee are available all day and night.

From the Cornerstone Inn you can walk to anywhere in Nashville. We went to several stores and watched a lady play 35 bells all by herself on Thursday night before closing time, then went to a very professionally done play presented by the University of Indiana players. On Friday we made our rounds to the rest of the shops. Nashville has three scrapbook stores where I bought some unique papers. I had looked thru one of the travel guides and saw there were two bookstores in town, so I told Jane we had to go to them. My favorite was called His Book Shop. When we walked in, I said, “I could stay here all day.” I meant it literally. We did stay for over an hour, browsing the well-stocked bookshelves and chatting with the owners, Terry and Rusty Caldwell. They had recently purchased the shop and have many old classics as well as new books on the Christian best-seller list. See picture above of Jane in front of the store. Check them out at
Friday evening we went to a fun patriotic show called America, the Music. Nashville is definitely a family place. Several of the shop owners and workers were Christians who spoke of how their town was becoming better all the time. If you have ever visited Nashville, I hope you will list your favorite places. I certainly plan to go back again and encourage you to visit also!
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