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Megan DiMaria. My son is staying here tonight so he got the honors of drawing her name for this month’s contest. Mary May Larmoyeux’s book on Help for Busy Moms is on its way to her. I started out last month with a blogging blitz, posting 4 times in 4 days, then didn’t post again the rest of the month. I promise to do better this month. I already am taking part in two blog tours next week–July 9th for our upcoming ACFW conference and July 11th for Tiff (Amber) Miller’s first Heartsong book, so be sure to check back next week for those.

One reason I failed to post was that I went to Florida for a few days with our youngest daughter to give her time away to study for her dental boards she is taking on July 7th. Prayers for her to pass would be muchly appreciated. Another reason is that I have spent most of my “spare” time this month (LOL) working on an anthology proposal with 3 other authors. We just sent if off today and are praying that it will be picked up by Barbour Publishing. It was fun working with this wonderful group of ladies and discovering some new characters! Now tomorrow it will be time to go back to the rewrites of my women’s fiction.

The prize book for this month is by Florida author, Lynn A. Coleman, who also is one of the founders of ACFW (originally ACRW). Anyone interested in writing and/or reading good Christian fiction should definitely check out their site at The title of the book is Mustering Courage. Lynn is a great writer who was very gentle with me when she did my first ever crit at my first ever writer’s conference. She gently told me that my book should start with chapter 3! So leave a comment with your email addy if you wish to be entered in the drawing. And check back next week and post again if you want to be entered more than once. Anyone in the US is eligible except for the past month’s winner.

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  1. Sounds great. Please enter me!

  2. Cherie J says:

    Would love to be entered in the drawing.

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