Queen for a Day!

Have you ever felt like a Queen for a day? I did this past Sunday, May 11th, which was Mother’s Day and also my and my husband’s 40th anniversary. Our children and grandkids made it a very special day. After church, we all met at a restaurant in Georgetown, KY. I sat down and chatted with our son and youngest daughter and their spouses for a few minutes and then went to the ladies room to wash my hands while waiting for the others to arrive. When I returned, the table was decorated with 3 vases of red and white roses–40 in all–and several gifts. I was so surprised and excited. Of course, the best gift was having all of our children, their spouses, and our three grandchildren there. We had a lovely lunch, and the restaurant even gave us a piece of their famous caramel pie for our anniversary, but we were so full we had to bring most of it home.

My loving husband gave me a beautiful diamond drop necklace on Sunday morning and had the florist deliver a dozen roses on Saturday, so my house is now abloom with 52 red and white roses in three rooms, so I still feel like a queen! I was even able to almost squeeze into my wedding dress of 40 years ago, which was handmade by my dear mother. A very special day that I will never forget.

Plus, we attended a wedding on Saturday night, and the lead singer for the band announced our anniversary to the crowd, then on Sunday morning our daughter announced it in church! How was your Mother’s Day?
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  1. Jessica says:

    Oh my, that is wonderful! I can’t wait until my hubby and I hit forty years. You are very blessed!!!

  2. Ane Mulligan says:

    Oh, Rose, how special! But then, you’re a special lady. :D And a great actress. Now let peopel wonder abotu that statement! LOL

  3. What a special day, Rose! And your dress is beautiful.

    Paige Dooly

  4. Dee S. says:

    Rose, you are a queen. And guess what?

    You won the MommyFest Book Giveaway. I will email you shortly for your contact info, so I can send you your copy of Jane Kirkpatrick’s A Mending at the Edge. You will love this book. Happy Mommy Fest!!!

  5. It’s good to be the Queen, isn’t it, Rose? LOL! I’m glad you had such a special Mother’s Day. You deserve it. We’ll never forget this Mother’s Day around these parts, either. That’s when the tornado came…

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