Scrapbooking and Max Lucado

Is that an eclectic title or what?!? I didn’t post last weekend after being gone for two days on a scrapbooking weekend, so I thought I would begin my blog tonight by asking how many who read this blog scrapbook? To me it is a relaxing activity that inspires creativity and also gives me and my family something to enjoy reminiscing over now, and I hope, for future generations to savor and learn about our family, too. Both my daughters have scrapped some and last week my oldest granddaughter and I started a scrapbook with supplies her mom bought her for Christmas. So please post your views on scrapping, a national hobby that has grown in recent years.

Today we travelled to Louisville (my hometown) to worship at Southeast Christian Church where Max Lucado was the guest speaker. We were so happy we did because the worship was great and his sermon was also. He spoke on John 3:16 and asked everyone what their favorite word was in that Scripture–love, God, eternal, life, etc? He said his favorite word was “whoever” because we are all “whoevers” and God wants us all to come to him. That’s why Christ died for us all. You are a “whoever” and if you haven’t accepted this most precious gift of God’s salvation, please email me or go to the Southeast site at and type the word “salvation” in the search box. You will get several links including “If I died tonight would I go to heaven?” Read the links and your Bible and contact a church that teaches all of the Bible. I hope you will let me know if you have any questions and if you have recently made a decision accepting Christ. Know that I am praying for you as a reader of my blog.

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  1. ccmkinney says:

    Good morning, mom! I decided to drop by and check out your blog. I couldn’t remember when I told Chris last night that you went to Southeast why you went. I’ll have to fill him in, he’ll be jealous!
    You know my stance right now on scrapbooking, but I am getting my pictures and supplies more organized, so I can start again! Maybe if we have a snow day…

  2. I just want so badly to get my three drawers of photos organized and into some sort of archival albums. I’m trying to resist the urge of scrapbooking, though. I’ve already gotten caught up in knitting and beading and sewing lately…with no real time for any of it! But you’re right, it’s so fun to do something creative.

  3. Hi Rose, I just dropped in to see what you’ve been up to. Sounds like fun. :) Jennifer

  4. annhgabhart says:

    Hi Rose. What a treat it must have been to get to hear Max Lucado. He’s such an uplifting and encouraging writer. As for scrapbooking, I bought some supplies once about a year ago. They’re still in the sack, but I can imagine good things happening to all those photos I have.

    Have fun with your scrapbooking.

    Ann H. Gabhart

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