A Miracle on Monday for Kristy Dykes

I have a special prayer request to make of all my readers. Kristy Dykes, a dear writer friend of mine, was diagnosed with brain cancer last month. She has had surgery to remove as much as possible of the tumor and will begin radiation treatments on Monday, December 10, 2007. Her husband has asked for all of her friends to contact their friends to ask for concentrated prayer for her especially at 3:30 PM EST on that date. We know that the power of prayer is much greater than radiation or anything man can devise. Please pray for this dear Christian sister then and in the days ahead, and remember her family, too. I hope you will check out her blog at www.christianlovestories.blogspot.com to read of the true-life love story of Kristy and her husband. He has been posting several blogs lately on the site and they are very inspiring and convicting. Thanks for joining me and many others in prayer.

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  1. Joy says:

    Hi, Rose,

    I’ve just said a prayer for her. I’ll be at work when she’s having the surger, but I’ll still try to keep her in my thoughts and prayers.

    AKA Jessica Joy

  2. Thanks for the reminder, Rose. What a terrible thing for anyone to be going through–but it’s especially hard for a writer to lose the ability to read and write. I pray all that is temporary and that her treatments will work wonders! Let’s definitely pray.

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