A new winner and a new book contest for May

Since Carolyn never contacted me with her info, my DH drew another name from the bowl today and Pam C. is the lucky winner, so Jill Nelson will be mailing her an authographed copy of Reluctant Runaway. If Carolyn contacts me later, I will be happy to send her a book from my own collection.

The contest open to anyone who posts on my blog this month will be for a copy of Crime and Clutter by Cyndy Salzman. This is a hilarious and heart-warming book detailing the adventures of the six members of the Friday Afternoon club as they help one of their members de-clutter her life and her heart when she inherits an old VW van and many memorabilia from her dad’s life in the 60’s Revolution.

Each chapter opens with some great recipes ranging from down-home cooking to recipes used in hippie communes. I’ve only tried one so far (very good), but plan to try several others.

Captivating characters, a surprise ending and lots of heart-squeezing emotion in between, make this a great read! Hope you will buy (or sign up to win!) this book for your summer reading enjoyment.

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  1. Pat says:

    Well, of course a gal wants to know another writer…especially shy ones with the tenacity to make it! Congrats!

  2. Miss Reader says:

    This book sounds awesome! I could use some help de-cluttering my life. How neat to have a recipe with each chapter.


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