Tonight at church we had a special Youth Night. Several kids sang (including my three grandkids!), a group called “Chosen” from a visiting church did an interpretive dance, and the junior Bible Bowl team whopped upon the three ministers of the church. The first game was a skunk (400 to 0) and the second game was a little closer (300+ to 60). It was an enjoyable evening for all.

Something the deacon prayed in his closing prayer struck me. “Help us see the children not just as our future, but as our present.” We usually think of teaching our children to follow us, but he also prayed “And help us to follow the children.” This is similar to what Jesus taught when He said, “unless you change and become like little children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven.” (Matthew 18:3)

May we all become like little children in our trust, love, and wonder at God and His creation.

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  1. Jennie/Kala says:

    Thank you for posting this; it really touched my heart. Our dear Lord has been putting this very issue before me a lot lately. I am the mother of two young and rowdy boys who, all too often, get short-changed on my time with them. Thanks for reminding me of Y’shua’s example…

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