Mothers and Daughters

Dear Readers, thanks for the comments several have left about about the mission trip. This will probably be my last one about the trip unless God leads otherwise.

This experience was very special to me as it was an answer to a prayer request I’ve been praying for several years for me and my youngest daughter to go on a mission trip together. She had always promised me we would go when she got her medical degree, but she came home the first month of classes and said she found out there was a mission trip planned that she could go on as a dental student. I told her to ask if her mother could go along, and the rest is history! The picture of the two of us in our scrubs was taken in front of a carving at the hotel where the interdenominational church service we attended was held.

I am very thankful that we had this experience together and hope it will be the first of many trips. I was also very proud of my daughter and the others on the trip’s willingness and boldness to do everything in their power to relieve tooth pain in the Honduran people and to assist the missionaries and pastors who serve there. The country is very poor economically, but the people are rich in friendliness and smiles!

Another mother/daughter team also went on the trip, a dentist and her daughter. Although the daughter was the youngest member of our group, she pitched in and did sterilization of instruments and helped in the pharmacy, too. It was special to see them together.

We also connected with another mother/daughter team as one of the missionaries we served was a woman who lives in Honduras with her two teenage daughters. I think God prepared us all to encourage each other and to help the Honduran people and be taught and loved by them.

It is my prayer that we all will continue to be led by God whereever He wants us to go. And I hope you will pray for God to send you and/or some of your loved ones on a mission trip. You never know how or when He will answer that prayer!

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  1. Rose, how wonderful that you could do this with your daughter. It will always be a special memory.


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