Michelle Sutton’s Review of Anna’s Journey by Nancy Toback

Dear Friends, I am delighted to share with you a book review by a friend and fellow-chocolate lover, Michelle Sutton. I have read the book and agree with everything she says (including crying at the end!), so I am copying the review in its entirety with her permission. I hope you will also check out Michelle’s blog listed at the end of the review, and that you will order this great read from Heartsong Presents.

Anna’s Journey by Nancy Toback just came out and I devoured it. It’s the best Heartsong I’ve ever read to date.

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Product Details# ISBN: 1597891304ISBN-13: 9781597891301# Format: Paperback, 176pp# Publisher: Barbour Publishing, IncorporatedPublication date Sept. 2006

From the back cover:

Anna McCort always wanted to serve the Lord in a third-world orphanage, but she ignored His leading to focus on romance. When her ex-boyfriend threatens violence, the emotionally devastated Anna knows she made the right decision to break up with him. This time around, she won’t let anything–or anyone–deter her from her God-given mission. Then, a very handsome stranger from church takes notice of Anna. Can she trust herself to do what’s right?

Daniel Boccini never had to work hard for a woman’s attention–until he met Anna. No matter how hard he tries, he finds he has to manipulate the situation just to be with her. At least he doesn’t have to worry that she will ever want him just for his money. If only he could figure out why she keeps him at arms’ length… Will Daniel ever be able to give lower priority to his worldly possessions? Can Anna catch a glimpse of just how much the Lord loves her and wants her to be happy?

My review:Up until I read Anna’s Journey, my favorite Heartsong title had always been Love Online (also authored by Nancy Toback) because she has a fabulous gift for drawing the reader in. Many times I find category romances boring, but this story had incredible pull and I devoured it. I loved the believable conflict, the feelings of longing, the tension with the violent ex, the honorable qualities of the hero (and his foreign accent), the innocence of the heroine and her struggle to trust, the character growth, etc. Even the secondary characters like Jane had depth. Nothing cardboard in this story. Just about everything in Anna’s Journey plucked my heartstrings. Especially the epilogue. I actually cried real tears of joy. That’s a rarity for me. I loved the “edgy” content, especially for a Heartsong, and the kisses were delectable. If Heartsong Presents continues to print novels of this quality I may just have to join their club!

Michelle Sutton (pen name)”Writing truth into fiction”
Great Beginnings finalist2005
writer/book reviewer

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  1. Rose,

    I got through!!! Your blog is great. What an excellent review on Nancy’s story. I’m so, so happy for her. May God continue to bless her over and over.

    Congratulations on your great website and your blog. :-)


  2. Dear Rose,

    Your blog is refreshing. So much variety. Thanks for sharing your life and your writing with us.



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