A Charming Children’s book by Angela Hunt–The Chicken Who Loved Books

I had read one children’s book years ago by Angela Hunt, but didn’t know she had several more out until I read The Chicken Who Loved Books to my 4 and 6 year old grandkids last week. They both enjoyed it although the 6 year old girl sat longer than the four year old boy. But he loves us to read his favorite books over and over, so perhaps after a few more readings this will become one of his favorites!

The illustrations by Marrieta Gal were very well done, too. As a retired elementary teacher,  I think this would be a great read-aloud for the classroom also.

The book starts with a little red hen who is quiet and loves a neighbor boy to read to her and the other hens in her coop. Until the day Henry shows up with a hand-held gadget to play with instead. This went on for many days with Little Red trying everything she can do to get the message to Henry that they miss the books, until she finally teaches the other hens to join her in changing  one vowel sound in their clucking. Henry is so surprised when he hears the hens, he gets the message, and by the end of the book everyone is happy again. A delightful story! Order one for the kids you love to read to!


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