A tribute to a life well-lived and well-loved–Diann Hunt

Although I knew Diann Hunt through ACFW (American Christian Fiction Writers) I got to know her better after she was diagnosed with ovarian cancer and a group of us joined up to pray for her on Facebook @ Prayers for Diann Hunt. We would post prayers and messages to her, and she would encourage us with her messages of love and unique humor.

While we all prayed for her healing, we have assurance that she is healed today in Jesus’ presence. And her words and personality will still live on in her over thirty books. You can find out more about her and her books at www.diannhunt.com 

All of us are eagerly awaiting the Hallmark movie production of her book For Better or For Worse which will be out in July, 2014.

You can read more posts by her and about her at www.GirlsWriteOut.blogspot.com

Several other friends have also posted about her on their blogs today, so please check them out also:




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