Announcing the winner of our Christmas Drawing for The Smoky Mountain Christmas book!

We have a winner!! Carole Price, so if anyone of you know Carole, please tell her to contact one of us 4 authors so we won’t have to draw again. He hope everyone enjoys this story as well as the other prizes several of you already won!
Thank you to everyone who stopped by our Summer Christmas blog tour and hung out with us during the warm summer months. We hope our Christmas stories cooled off your summer a little bit. :)
As promised, we awarded winners from the individual blog posts, but now it’s time for the GRAND PRIZE!
….drumroll please….
Congratulations! You have won everything you see pictured with this post. Here’s the complete list of prizes:

Christmas at Bald Head Island by Rose Allen McCauley (print or e-book)
No-Bake Christmas Crumble Recipe (made by Grace in Christmas Grace)
Dolls & Diamonds by Jeanie Smith Cash (print or e-book)
Hummingbird Kisses by Delia Dawson Latham (print or e-book)
Do You See What I See? Notebook & Pen
Sea glass bracelet from the Lost Gypsy Wagon Jewelry & Clay Shop by Maureen Corell (
Teal earrings from the Lost Gypsy Wagon Jewelry & Clay Shop by Maureen Corell
Dangle fob or keychain inspired by Smoky Mountain Christmas
Heart of Christmas CD (Smoky Mountain Hand-crafted Instruments)
Christmas Angel by Tiffany Amber Stockton (print or e-book)
Patterns and Progress by Tiffany Amber Stockton (print or e-book)
Stealing Hearts by Tiffany Amber Stockton (print or e-book)
Comment on this post or contact one of us authors privately to provide us with your mailing address, so we can send out your prizes. Where you have a choice of print or e-book, please specify which you would prefer. And your mailing or kindle address please.
Thank you again to everyone who came along the tour with us, and to all of our readers for your continued support. you can see other posts about this from Delia Latham and Tiff Stockton at their sites or posts!

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