Beneath a Prairie Moon by Kim Vogel Sawyer (book review)

Everyone needs to read Beneath a Prairie Moon for its humor, drama and spiritual themes of hope and forgiveness. I have read almost all of Kim Vogel Sawyer’s books, and loved every one of them! The heroine in Beneath a Prairie Moon, Abigail Grant, does not seem very likable at the beginning of the story, but we find out her attitude toward people, especially men, has been tainted by the betrayal of her father, so we soon feel some sympathy for her which builds as we see how she soldiers on valiantly in spite of several hardships.

This story is a twist on the matchmaker and bride for sale stories in westerns. We have a dozen or more men hoping for a bride in Spiveyville, Kansas, and Mrs. Helena Bingham, the matchmaker has come to town with Abigail as her assistant to teach the rough men about how to treat a lady before she will send for the brides. A lot of drama occurs, especially in the end, but since it is a romance, you know it will turn out happily.

My favorite part was watching the spiritual growth of Miss Grant and several other characters throughout the story. This is a stand alone story, and if you have not read other stories by Kim Sawyer you are in for a treat as she has over a million copies of a wide assortment of books–enough to keep you reading most of the year!


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