Book giveaway, The Discovery by Dan Walsh

Two more Giveaways! Shoebox Surprise by Jennifer Johnson and The Discovery by Dan Walsh

The winner of Shoebox Surprise is Patricia Schreiner. And this month’s giveaway is Dan Walsh’s latest–The Discovery. If you have already read some of Dan’s books, I know you will want to read this one, and in case you haven’t read any of his books (where have you been!?) read the review below to see what a great read you have in store, then leave a comment here and any other blogposts the month of May to be in the drawing on June 1st for this special book. All commenters with a US mailing addy who leave a way to be contacted are eligible.

Book Review of The Discovery by Dan Walsh

This book is full of discoveries–for the well-developed characters as well as the reader. It is a story within a story. In the historical book within the book, the author makes it as bad as possible for the characters and then makes it worse!

But for the characters in the contemporary book that wraps around the book, things are such a contrast–almost too good to imagine. What author wouldn’t love to be left a wealthy home to live and write in set in the historical section of Charleston, SC, by his bestselling author grandfather? And have his grandfather’s agent contact him about writing a book?

It is also two love stories–loves that have and will last til death do them part. And a story with many twists and turns, including one at the end that leaves you wondering what the hero will decide to do with the information he has discovered.

Reading this story will keep you up late at night like it did me, and keep you thinking about it after you finish, wishing you could talk to the characters and see what they will do next–the hallmark of an excellent tale! And it will be enjoyed by both men and women.

Although this book was provided me by Revell and the author, all reviews are my own opinion.

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3 Responses to Book giveaway, The Discovery by Dan Walsh

  1. Sharon says:

    Looking forward to reading Dan’s new release – loved his previous books.
    smoore at tcq dot net

  2. Anonymous says:

    No, I’ve never read a book by Dan Walsh. Would love to though. It sounds good. Dare I hope to win again? Thanks for the preview, and opening a new way to get book previews. Patty

  3. Anonymous says:

    Sounds pretty interesting! Count me in please.

    -Britt T.


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