Book Review–A Whisper of Peace by Kim Vogel Sawyer

I loved this book by Kim Sawyer! Although not a typical prairie romance, it was definitely a romance! Just one set in Alaska at a mission post for the Athabascan Indian tribe. I fell in love with both the unique main characters from the start.

Lizzie Dawson is a very independent young woman who has lived on her own for years. Not a part of the tribe of her dead Indian mother or the white father who left them years ago, she has made her own way, using the skills of the Athabascans to survive.

Clay Selby has left the lower states to become a missionary like his own father. When he encounters the beautiful blue-eyed Indian girl, he wonders at her story. What he learns stuns him and leaves him in a quandry. Must he choose between befriending her or the people he came to minister to?

Lizzie is also attracted to Clay, but refuses to allow herself this weakness. Until the day she shoots him! How can God work good out of this accident? Read the book and find out, and give yourself a great read in the Yukon of Alaska in the late 1890s.

Below is a picture of me with Kim Sawyer who is a personal friend. This book was sent by her publisher, but this review is my honest opinion of A Whisper of Peace.

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  1. Thanks for the review. This book sounds interesting.

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