Book Review: Deep Shadows by Vannetta Chapman

51+04ZJJLcL._AC_US160_I write romance, but sometimes love reading books that are a little different. Deep Shadows definitely fits that description! As the subtitle promotes–The Remnant series, Book One–this book takes place after a catastrophic event that changes the world as we know it. A solar flare wipes out all modern technology and most of the power grid.  This story is about how the people of Abney, Texas try to survive. Many of them help their neighbors the best they can, but there are others who want to take everything for themselves. Who will win out in the end? And who will survive?

This story is also a romance between Max Berkman and Shelby Sparks. Can Shelby trust Max enough to follow his advice? The book also has helps for survival in the back which makes it hit closer to home. How many of us would be ready to survive with what we have on hand or what we can piece together from old parts from grills and bicycles and such? After reading this book you will have a better idea. And it ends with a cliffhanger, so you know there will be a book 2 and hopefully more. I plan to read them, how about you? Write fast, Vannetta Chapman!

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  1. I’m so glad you enjoyed Deep Shadows. And yeah, there will be more to the story. The prequel, which will be a free ebook novella, will release October 1, and Raging Storm, book 2, will release on January 1, 2017.

  2. Thank you, Vannetta. I was glad to learn more behind the scenes of this story and to hear about the two new ones coming soon.

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