Book Review of A Marriage in Middlebury

Displaying A Marriage in Middlebury Cover.jpg I love Anita Higman’s writing, and I just finished her delightful book of secrets and second chances. We all love secrets and second chances, don’t we?

And I have a personal reason to like this book–the heroine (Charlotte Rose Hill) as well as her business (Rose Cottage Tea-room) share my name (Rose).

But the story is what pulls you in! Charlotte seems to have a wonderful life with her successful business and many quirky friends. In fact, her small town contains so many unique characters, I hope she will invite us on a return trip in a sequel. But, Charlotte has some big secrets from the past that need to be brought to light so she can find the future God has for her.

Her former fiance shows up engaged, and his wife-to-be asks Charlotte to cater the reception. Talk about awkward! I don’t want to give away any more of the plot, except to say you need to read this book of secrets and prejudice and unforgiveness and forgiveness. We can each learn a lot as we experience what the characters are going through. And be thoroughly entertained in the process!

Please check back tomorrow for a guest blog by the author, Anita Higman, and a chance to win a copy of A Marriage in Middlebury.

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  1. Norma S says:

    Great review Rose, i liked it!Liked the way it was made up.

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