Book Review of Jennifer Johnson’s new novel, A Wedding Song in Lexington, KY

Here is my review of Jennifer Johnson’s latest novel–A Wedding Song in Lexington, KY, the book you will have a chance to win if you leave a comment on any post on this blog the month of July, so hope you leave a comment! All those with US mailing addresses are eligible.

Review: I have read all of Jennifer Johnson’s shorter novels, so was thrilled to learn she had a longer novel out. Her writing is always easy to read with a fun perspective on people and their foibles. And that this story is set in the Bluegrass Region of KY, about an hour from where I live, made it even more special.

I immediately identified with the heroine, Megan McKinney, who has experienced a lot of pain in her life, but is making progress toward her dream of teaching music in the local school system. Her summer job at a law office puts her in the path of Justin Frasure, an attorney who has a reputation as a womanizer. When she finds out he has become a Christian, she isn’t sure she can believe him or trust him. Females keep showing up in his office, but he insists they mean nothing to him.

Megan’s twin sister is already teaching, and when Megan helps out on a field trip she meets Colt Baker. After an awkward start, he asks her to teach piano lessons to his niece. While at Colt’s farm, she sees how good he is with his niece and finds out he is a long-time Christian. This sets up an interesting love triangle. Megan, who doesn’t really want a guy in her life, now has two who want to win her. They even fight over her, literally, at her sister’s wedding reception.
Megan has to learn to search her own heart and listen to what God is saying before she can make the right decision. This is a tale of grace and forgiveness on many levels. Treat yourself to this fun story with some subtle life lessons we all need to learn.

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  1. Sounds like an interesting story. Nothing like a love triangle to ratchet up the tension!
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  2. Thanks for the review, Rose. You are a treasure to me!!!

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