Book Review of Lorna Seilstad’s When Love Calls

I’ve read and enjoyed several of Lorna Seilstad’s books in the Lake Manawa series, so was happy to read this book which begins a new series by her called The Gregory Sisters. The first one is entitled When Love Calls, and is the story of the oldest sister, Hannah, who drops out of college where she is studying law to become a switchboard operator in order to support her two younger sisters after the death of both their parents.

Life can be hard in the early 1900s for those without support, so she is happy to find this job as a “Hello Girl” even with the strict rules. Little does she know that the hardship of losing the home their parents raised them in will cause her to meet a lawyer who does care for justice and the poor.

This book has it all–history, family relationships and a love story, too. A delightful read, and I can’t wait for the next book in this series. This book was supplied by the publisher for a review, but these thoughts are all my own.

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