Book Review of Sauce for the Goose by D. A. Featherling

I just finished and highly recommend a delightful romantic comedy–Sauce for the Goose by D. A. Featherling. Although very contemporary, parts of it it reminded me of some of Shakespeare’s plays like “Comedy of Errors” and “Taming of the Shrew” with all the ploys and deceptions the characters try on each other to ferret out information and all the plot twists and turns. Some of them were fun to predict, but I didn’t see the last surprise coming until the very end!

We start out with Laurel Edmonds, a single mother with a problem–she doesn’t want her son to make the same mistakes she did by marrying an unsuitable mate. That is what leads to all the twists and turns, so I won’t give away any more of the plot. But each character, especially Laurel, shows growth in wisdom and in drawing closer to their family.

This would be a fun read for all ages, covering a grandmother, her daughter (Laurel), and the grandson, and all their love interests. The characters learn some humiliating and often hilarious lessons and experience many adventures along the way, but as the Bard says, “All’s well that ends well!”

This review copy did not affect my review in any way.

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  1. D. A. Featherling says:

    Thanks, Rose, for sharing this. Hope everyone enjoys the read! I surely
    enjoyed writing it! A new one to
    be out soon in July.


    D. A. (Dorothy) Featherling

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