Book Review–Sincerely Yours

I love anthologies like this one with four novellas by four different authors with various locations and subjects. The four stories in Sincerely Yours range from early 19th century to early 20th, and we get to vicariously travel on a steamboat, ride (and even paint) a merry-go-round, pose as a writer, and go on a secret mission, all from our chair or bed.

The earliest novella by Laurie Alice Eakes is entitled “Moonlight Promise.” I promise this steamboat ride is not at all what our heroine expected. Or the hero.

The next story, “Lessons in Love,” by Ann Shorey, involves an author who is keeping a secret from her editor. Her piano instructor agrees to help her keep her secret for awhile, leading to a developing relationship neither thinks will work. Can they learn the lesson God has for them?

What is the “One Little Word” the heroine in Amanda Cabot’s story is waiting to hear? It may surprise you! Besides the love story, this novella showcases scads of information about merry-go-rounds in a fun, entertaining way.

Jane Kirkpatrick is a master writer of many books. I am so glad she shares her skills with us in this novella collection so many new readers can enjoy her story “A Saving Grace” and check out her other well-written books.

I highly suggest you read these four stories about the four letters that set our heroines on their journey of love. You won’t be disappointed you went along for the ride.

This book is the first novella collection by Revell, but I hope it won’t be the last. Revell sent me the book to review, but these thoughts were not influenced in any way by the gift.

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