Book Review: The Promise by Dan Walsh and Gary Smalley

Another wonderful story by two great authors! Although this novel can be read alone, I would recommend first reading the story of the rebirth of love in the marriage of the matriarch and patriarch of this series–The Dance, which I loved and reviewed on June 22nd of this year.

The Promise begins a few months after the first book in the Restoration series, and mainly deals with the “falling apart” of the son and his wife’s lives which we got a foreshadowing of in The Dance. We learn more about the generational sins of the fathers being visited on their children. We also learn about how following God’s principles allows us to break that cycle.

But I don’t want to make this book sound like it is just about learning a lesson. The lessons are not spelled out like points in a non-fiction book, but portrayed in this very engaging read with interesting, believable characters–some you want to shake up so they will wake up, and others you want to hug and encourage!

And the story is very much apropos for these times, with us finding Tom Anderson out of a job on the first page of the book, and wanting to read more to find out what he does to hide that fact from those he loves to protect them–and how it all ends.

Again, we see a marriage in so much trouble because of their lack of communication that the couple separate for awhile, and then see how that time apart causes them both to drawer closer to and seek God to put their relationship back together again, the True Foundation for all relationships.

Based on the principles of Gary Smalley’s best-seller The Blessing, and written by one of my favorite contemporary fiction authors, Dan Walsh, you will enjoy this book for the emotionally engaging read while also learning from one of the best Christian counselors around, so how can you lose? And there are personal notes in the back from both authors sharing how The Blessing principle has blessed them and their lives.

This book was a review copy, and I personally would highly recommend it! Get a copy for yourself to enjoy and buy one to share with someone else who could benefit from this stellar combo of writers. I also recommend their others books, and be on the lookout for the third book in this series soon!

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