Book Review, Titanic:Legacy of Betrayal by Kathleen E. Kovach and Paula Moldenhauer

Product DetailsI have over 100 e-books on my computer Kindle because I am still one of those readers/writers who would rather read a book I can hold in my hands! I know–I am showing my age! This is only the third book on Kindle I have finished, but I couldn’t help myself! I couldn’t wait to find out the story inside the story, so let me begin there.

The prologue of the story takes place in 1925 in the point of view of one of the wealthy survivors of the sinking of the Titanic which happened 100 years ago this year. We meet Olive Stanford who speaks of a secret she must share before she dies.

Then the modern-day story opens in the present with Ember Keaton-Jones receiving a phone call from a lawyer who tells her she must open a safety deposit box on Friday, April 13, 2012, on the centennial anniversary of the Titanic’s sinking. Ember has to forego an important career-building real estate deal that day to open the box at a specific time or the contents of the box will be given to a museum as per the will. She can’t give up the contents of the box–it may contain money or jewels or a secret that could embarrass her and her family name!

Next we meet Jeff Dawson, a young man who has lost his job and is living in his sister’s basement and helping his dad at his antique shop until he can find another job. He and Amber meet when she comes into the shop to find a way to listen to the secret from the past contained in the safety deposit box in hopes they will reveal the family secret of her great-grandfather who was listed as a survivor of the Titanic only to never be heard from again. Was this the start of the family curse of all the women being deserted by the men of the family?

There are many more ins and outs to the story which switches from present to past with each listening of the voice from the past, but I want you to get to read it yourself for the enjoyment of this funny, heart-warming, romantic story of Jeff and Ember and their quirky families. And of course you have to find out the secret! So go to Amazon and order the book on kindle or paperback. You’ll be glad you did!

Although this e-copy was sent to me by the authors who are friends, this review reflects my honest thoughts on this great read!

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  1. paula says:

    Thrilled you enjoyed Rose. thank you for letting others know!

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