Book Winner and New Contest!

The winner of A Wedding Song in Lexington, KY by Jennifer Johnson is Kay Gervais. And the drawing on September 1st will be for a copy of Love Finds you in Prince Edward Island, Canada by another KY author–Susan Page Davis. The reason I am giving away this book this month is that I just read it last month while touring Prince Edward Island and Nova Scotia, so plan to blog about my trip and share some pictures of sites there and thought this book would be a great tie-in for those blogs.

Here’s what the back cover of this book says: “In the summer of 1860, Prince Edward Island is astir as its citizens eagerly anticipate their first visit from a member of the British royal family. Molly Orland is too poor to be invited to the ball in honor of the young Prince of Wales, but she and several other local young women are pleased when they’re hired as extra staff in the house where he will be a guest. The she meets Peter Stark, understeward for the royal party. Peter is attracted to the beauty of the island–and to Molly, whom he’s determined to shield from the antics of the playboy prince. When they discover a long-buried secret that could bring shame to Peter’s royal employer, will he remain a loyal servant–or help Molly and her family get the justice they deserve?” If you love historicals I know you will love this story, and you will learn some interesting info about Prince Edward Island in the process!

So all those with USA mailing addresses who leave a comment and an email addy for contact info during the month of August will be entered. I hope you will come back often this month to read about my adventures in Prince Edward Island and Nova Scotia. Each time you leave a comment will garner you another entry in the drawing.

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4 Responses to Book Winner and New Contest!

  1. Dana McNeely says:

    Ever since reading Anne of Green Gables, I’ve longed to visit Prince Edward Island! Your new book sounds great.

  2. Sandy Nadeau says:

    Agreed. Anne of Green Gables and the series Avonlea brought the charm of Prince Edward Island to life for me and a desire to go there. Can’t wait to read more about it.

  3. I’m going to try to get it on my kindle, but if not, I’ll order it from my neighborhood indie bookseller. Deanna Klingel

  4. Thanks, Ladies. Glad to hear from others who love Anne of Green Gables and will love this book, too. Hope you stop by often this month to learn more about Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island and to garner more chances to win a copy of Love Finds you in Prince Edward Island, Canada!

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