Christmas in July Sale!

10502396_1519143138334007_2590642787625232906_nHave you heard of Christmas in July? Many of you will remember that two years ago, I Joined three of my writing friends to do a series of four books all under the title Smoky Mountain Christmas about four cousins. We had fun doing it, and I learned a lot about formatting, etc. from Delia Latham, and we have had some great reviews and good success in selling them on amazon. Now, we want to share that joy with you, our readers!

Book One is Delia Latham’s book entitled Do You See What I See?, where we see the story of a jilted bride, or is it the groom? You’ll have to read this story to find out why they both think the other one jilted them!

In Book Two, Amber Stockton writes Hometown Melodies where a hometown best friend stirs the engaged heroine’s heart. She has to turn to God for answers.

Book Three is my story of Christmas Grace. It’s another renewed friendship which has the heartache of their other friend’s death three years earlier. Can love conquer all? And for those of  you who know my family, do you recognize the couple on my cover?

And Book Four is entitled Sleigh Bells in the Snow where Jeanie Smith Cash’s heroine also has to turn to God for answers on where to live and whom to love. Jeanie’s book also contains the epilogue of the girls’ grandfather’s birthday which is the reason they all came to Gatlinburg, TN for a Smoky Mountain Christmas.

These books are all available in print on or on kindle where we are running our “Christmas in July Sale” where you can buy each kindle version for only 99 cents! Hope you have an early Merry Christmas on us!

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